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Call of Duty Black Ops SKIDROW RELOADED download free

Call of Duty Black Ops SKIDROW RELOADED download free

Call of Duty Black Ops SKIDROW

Call of Duty Black Ops SKIDROW


Call of Duty: Black Ops / Activi

Release Date: 2010/11/09 Protection: Steam + CEG

PLAY TYPE: Shooter Disks: 1 DVD

The first person action series and the biggest ever

After the popular Call of Duty last year: Modern

Warfare 2 returns with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will take you behind the enemy lines as

A member of an elite special power unit involved coveted

Fighting, group activities, and conflicts in ffrwydrolar

world. Exclusive availability carrierFor weapons and equipment,

ActionsYou score the balance in the most dangerous

The period of time people ever knew.

Single player campaign movies: An epic campaign and story

Bringing you to a variety of places and conflicts though

The world where you play as an elite black ops

Be ludicrous operations where troops are caught when you are caught,

Captured or killed will reject all the knowledge of your country

Your existence.

Signature Multiplayer: Call of Duty applicable ynmultiplayer

Katikagameplay back withNew advantages and killstreaks, deeper levels

Characterize and fit the instrument, and all new techniques


Commitment Customers: One in the room, Gun Game, sticks and

Stone, sharpshooter

Theater down: View, record, edit your favorite events

From many players, and share it with your friends

Fight Training: Test your skill solo or co-op with friends

Against enemy AI players

Zombies!: Fan favorite zombie fashion is back providing endless

Zombie kill for entertainment, solo or co-op


1.Description Pack

2. Mount image or fire

3rd installation

4. Copy the contents of the SKIDROW bars folder into DVD

The most important installation guide and overwrite

5. Play the game

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Call of Duty Black Ops SKIDROW

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