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Craft The World v1 32bit-64bit Free Download

Craft The World v1 32bit-64bit Free Download

Craft The World v1

Craft The World v1


Title: Creating the world

Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Developer: Dekovir Entertainment

Editor: Black Travel Games

Release date: November 24, 2014

for Game

Craft World strategy game sand a unique combination of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and a dwarf accidentally generated world populated with a dangerousCreatures to build a dwarf fortress, gather resources and create all items, weapons and armor to control the dwarf tribe, giving orders to dig in certain places, attacking enemy creatures and building houses and other buildings. You will need to indicate your dwarf foodClothes, and also help them with the help of magic, to fight with other peoples of the world. In order to start the game with a dwarf and dwarfed additional growth, according to their level of experience, the GAMEEach level of the game has many layers of ground to explore, the sky like lava boils underground.Level It is generated randomly, like an island bordered by natural boundaries: okeaniterabovite, lava beneath it, and the sky above your head. Other features include day and night, and changing weather conditions. Worlds differ in size, humidity, temperature, terrainAnd wild animals. Abandoned Numbers and numbers with the state hidden somewhere in the depths of the features of the game is the system is easy to use the proceeds to develop. Tickets are organized and easily accessible. This can create a number of different elements: Blokovigradba housing, furniture, decoration,Weapons, weapons, ammunition and food inicioatopa their income on basic tools and items, and build a small house with places for sleeping and eating. Then increase the size of the tribe, and draws attention to other inhabitants of the world. Most of them are nocturnal creaturesAnd live underground. World-filled fantasy creatures like zombies, skeletons, ghosts, spectators, ghosts, giant spiders and drugi.Nekoi paid little attention to elves and gnomes come in sight. Others are going to moigrandes groups and are trying to attack the dwarf DEFENSEEspecially dangerous waves of monsters,Which appear with the time portals. So, do not forget to build a shelter with strong walls and traps, towers, fire and a secretly divine creature, you have several spells. You can speed up the movement of dwarfs, small portals are open, svetlinatatemnite caves to drive awayMonsters resemble natural magic in the form of rain or the growth of a tree, shoot fireballs at monsters head, and find useful resources and hidden rooms in the basement, thereby helping to accelerate the extraction of resources, the exploitation of the world’s distribution of his assistants.

System requirements

The minimumRequirements: Operating system: Windows XP or laterProcessor: CPUMemory GHz Dual Core 1 GB RAMGraphics: Intel GraphicsDirectX: Version: 200 MB of free space

Recommended: Operating system: Windows 7 or laterProcessor: CPUMemory Ghz Dual-core 4GB RAMGraphics: 512 MB of video memory (RadeonHD 4600, GeForce 8600) DirectX: Version: 200 MB of free space

Craft The World v1

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