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FIFA 14.1 free download

FIFA 14.1 free download

FIFA 14.1

FIFA 14.1

FIFA 14 introduces new elements to improve gameplay and adds more realism to the best PC simulator on PC.

Pure form of realism

New features in this version are focused mainly around gameplay. EA has introduced a number of features designed to increase the realism of the game to levels never before experienced in a football game.

EA has worked hard on the player animation. New features of motion precision mean acceleration, sprint, slow, rotate and pagbabillairexyon.More fluid and realistic.

Growing realism improves the control of the ball. Now you can use your body as a shield to protect your position and ball player. It is worth stopping and dictating tempoaksyon.

New in this version is the approach to photography and ball physics. With the „Clear Image“ function, depending on the context of the action, players can opredelitLuchshee place and angle to the shot on the goal. Frames can be calibratemilimetro, and with the help of new physics balls you will see the effectBall trajectories are varied and realistic.

Another important improvement is the intelligence command function. EA has handled this aspect that players can instantly interpret the situation in the game as a real player. Players can now easily check their transfers, defenders and runs along the defense line. OniVse convenient visual subtly notice what options are available. It is not only closer to the real game, but also many of the events that occur in thisThe field, he hoped, would provide a more intuitive way of conveying information to the player, especially those who are not familiar with the series.

Aspects of defense gameis one of the elements that have proven to be the introduction of saanEA ofdynamic pressure wheredefenders now make decisions based on the many kadrovIgrovogo process that leads to more reliable and less impulsive decisions.

It’s not over: in the real game of the team front, trying to workOver zero increase disproportionately to the side of the field due to safe and safe passage. The new version allows contestants of the opposing team to guess this strategy and increase the pressure on their opponents sentrolarangan as in real game. Realism makes it a great game!

By zheDlya improve the gameplay, EA has added other new features that enhance the experience. For example, in the „career“ mode, you can send observers to the world in search of kabataantalentoSpecify the profile of the player you are looking for and send the talent hunter through the career mode menu.

As for multiplayer online games, EA has introduced Online co-op mode Seasons. To welcome the feast, you are mongplay in pairs from another friend of 2 onlaynIgroki in ranked matches, starting with the tenth division, and we try first to win the league.

FIFA 14 is fun, new fun features (for the first time in FIFA 13), designed for sapagsasanay and perfectingTechnical skills. Speaking of technology, the game now includes a useful section that describes how to perform movement, dribbling, moving and appreciating advanced players.

FIFA 14 finally updated game interface, boilersBe easy to use and has an attractive new design. Unlike the training menu, tactics and team management are not included in the redesign.

Control realistic feeling

When the bottom of the pitch, Fifa14 shows his bestPage. The controls are the same as in previous versions, but the feeling of maneuvering the players has improved considerably.

There is no good answer to the command, smooth game and slower, more razumnyyTempLaro promoting teamwork. Patching in one game with one and the reactivity of players, both in defense and in the environment of fraud, is obvious.

The above features Pure shot and motion precision, in conjunction with nyuballa physics and exponentially pinabutinggameplay, allows you to perform complexMovements and spectacular shots with greater ease than ever before.

The same graphical engine, but more realistic

Unlike the Hole on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, the Fifa14 thePC does not include the new Ignite graphics engine. However, the PC engine has been updated since the release of FIFA 13. The plot of the show is a bit different from the previous one, but the improvements in animation and physics contribute to realism.


ItoHindi was easy,But Electronic Arts will be able to improve its game again. New features to adopt geympleyaYavn more avid gamers than regular gamers, and EA brought realism to the level game that never seen.

Despite the success of the new PES, FIFA 14 is reinforced and confirmed its leadership as the best football game on the market.

FIFA 14.1

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