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Folder Lock v7 Portable download PreActivated

Folder Lock v7 Portable download PreActivated

Folder Lock v7

Folder Lock v7

Folder Lock – Full


Folder Lock – Full, Folder Lock 7 of the package is a complete solution for all of their data security needs. To save your personal files protected in a variety of ways to allow both PC and protected files online portátilesopción lock unit and seven (7) comes to providing the perfect combination of security tools, you can encrypt important files on-the-fly 256-bit encryption that you can use; bueltanOnline storage in real time, and saveprenosniured.O the program also lets you lock files, folders and disks; Personal information stored in purses; shred files and erase Windows history.


encrypted files

online backup

file locking

make wallets


stealth mode

security court

password security

automatic protection

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Folder Lock an entire daPrograma, folder lock.

folders and manterprivadaIf you have files you want to, you should check Folder Lock. is a free application, as my boxes, but an excellent and important documents in private and away from the prying eyes.

How does it work?

dobradorBloqueo gives you several options. First of all, it is integrated with Windows Explorer, so if you do not lock a file or folder, simply right click on it and you want to find it. aurreraPuntu, blocked or you have to destroy.If you open the program interface, features more of the load, lock and encrypt files, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs, including the ability to protect and encrypt e-mail attachments you have.

What other options are there?

Folder Lock is a very flexibleprograma, and blocked a lot more to offer than folders. You can also create encrypted virtual wallets, rabotikako storage addresses and bank details, and also guztiakdatuak encrypted cloud backup. Blocking the configuraciónFolderwide and, obviously enough, password-protected.

General Comments

Folder Lock is an excellent program. There are plenty of free apps debloqueo folder, but not many of them and the use of this feature to be easy. Download and try – believed to be dopadnetoa.

Folder Lock is a great application support folder. We strongly.

Folder Lock v7

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