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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 download free

Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 download free

Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

Thunderbird is a desktop email client, Outlook alternative, Microsoft, Firefox from the developer.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an award-winning and free solution to more effectively manage e-mail. And many benefits from switching to it too. In contrast, by mail, for example, can handle virtual identities and create on the fly addresses and it is widely regarded as having one of the best spam filters.lamangIto recently been updated with an elegant interface card dazrabits email management easier.

the fact that like Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird can be equipped with various expansion makes it an extremely competitive mail client. It is also faster and more stable than ever, due to the Gecko layout engine 5.


regulacjaMozilla Thunderbird is painless. You can quickly import email and contacts from your Outlook or Mailand configure POP3 or IMAP accountSMTP vvspyshki. To stay well organized, Mozilla Thunderbird offers filters to deliver mail into separate folders and mailboxes. I oczywiścieIstnieje built-in spell checker to ensure that the letters professionally handled.

What makes Mozilla Thunderbird slightly more unusual is that it is equipped with an integrated RSS reader. Now it is a little outdated because wieleosóbuses a separate application – or even Firefox – sticksa RSS feeds, but it may be karysnakali you just want to send, then RSS-channels at the same time prepare the letter.

search email

wyszukiwaniaThunderbird tool is excellent and the search is done in real time as you type. Search results are displayed in a separate tab. Tabs across a large part of the Thunderbird, like Firefox, you can have manymessages open in separate tabs. This is a fantastic funkcjaThunderbird, although you really tempts too many e-mails, open Vedin times. Archiving is also another useful feature for those who do not want to delete the messages, but you want to make space in your mailbox.

So what about security? możeMyślisz to open source e-mail client is inherently safer than a fee, but Thunderbird completely safe with apretty bullet-proof anti-spam filter. The reason is that Thunderbird is updated regularly in by volunteers, who form the main intereslepszy product, rather than profit from the last safety pradukta.Abnavlennya they are regular, but small, so as not to to slow down Thunderbird.

exchange support

One of the biggest selling points of Mozilla ThunderbirdTo is that it offers support for Microsoft Exchange, which meansThis will appeal to office users who previously discounted it.

On the other hand, the application lacks a little subtlety ilangmga area. Thunderbird still does not open e-style Conversationpoczty Gmail (although an extension to Etomozhno download separately), and there are many options for managing the investment and pictures. There is also a calendar, but again, you can download it separately in the form of „Lightning“.

In general, ThunderbirdJestis a great free alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

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