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Safari 5.1 Update free download

Safari 5.1 Update free download

Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1

Apple was very critical when the initially very unstable version of Safari was launched buggi for Windows. Things have changed a lot since then, and Safari 5 has a long way in the introduction as the new Reader icon comes for better readability on page loading pages faster and significant enhancement for HTML5 video for better support and stability.

All original features such as tabs at the top for easier page management and Cover Flow FlipVia iTunes bookmarkmga website style is also maintained.

Many nice accents Apple

Safari is the first browser for Windows that shows Top Sites that is one of the most important aspects of Safari. Top Sites show širokpejzaž thumbnails of your most visited sites on one screen. You click on the window you want to visit directly to the site. If you tend to be in the same location every visit day, Top Sites is a convenient way to open them as a madaling browser, without accessBookmarks. This is also a good way to track the sites you visit the most, and can eventually lead your favorite sites to a position so you always know where to open Safari. Use a star in the corner. Indicate them with new content so you can instantly see what they are up to date.

Meanwhile, Cover Flow is known that all users of iTunes, which allows you to reach your full page bookmarks, sends sajtizgledali the last one to check themsee. The principle is based on the list of albums in iTunes. Although it looks cool, its usefulness is doubtful.

However, the search history is useful. Just type in a word and show Firefox all the words cached with that word – very useful when you can not setiteGeIk saw the name of a particular person or games.

Images, such as Reader, can display all content isapage ways to change the font. There are several ways to search for SafariSearch box so you’re not locked up in Google.

Other useful features include SafariKarticeOp the top of it makes it a little easier accessible and open tabs on the top of Safari. You can even drag and drop tabs in another Safari window.

In addition, all of the default features remain in Safari. If you click on the RSS tag in the URL bar, mongmakakuha gives you an overview of all of the copy that you can showhronološkii in a detailed way or address.

Robust and simpleto use

Firefox has removed most of the mistakes that originally made it difficult to use a computer, but now it’s very stable and easy to use search engine. Support for HTML5 is improved, which means you can view HTML5 full-screen video plus HTML5, the geographic location features available on SafariKorisnici now.

The movement of Firefox is also easier because more predictive URL bar actually stores trace web pagesFor keywords and archiving of exactly when your specified pages are more precise and sophisticated. Speed ​​is very essential in Safari and Apple have increased the pace with an enhanced Nitro engine that it sets JavaScript performs faster than prethodneverzija.

Not the best, but certainly the most convenient

Safari has extensions that compare magagamitkungin with Firefox and Chrome, but there is no denying that Safari brings style and class to an Apple computer.

Safari 5.1

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